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National Youth Employment Coalition (NYEC)

Criteria for NYEC Board Candidates

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Candidates are required to:

  • 1) Be from a member organization that:
    • a) is up-to-date in its dues payments
    • b) agrees to support:
      • i) candidate's time involvement on the board, up to:
        • (1) 90 minute board conference calls approximately every other month, plus preparation time
        • (2) Two face-to-face meetings each year
        • (3) Active participation on a committee or working group, approximately 1-3 hours every other month
  • 2) Agree, if elected, to serve a term of four (4) years on the NYEC Board (March of the year elected - February four years later)
  • 3) Agree, if elected, to cover travel and related costs to attend up to two (2) face-to-face board meetings a year (at least one of these meetings will occur in conjunction with another NYEC meeting; the travel cost will enable participation in both meetings)
  • 4) Have at least five years full-time experience working in the youth development, workforce development, and/or education field(s)
  • 5) Have prior involvement in NYEC in at least one of the following ways:
    • a) Participated in a committee, working group, or affinity group during the past two years
    • b) Attended two or more meetings convened by NYEC in the past two years
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