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The National Youth Employment Coalition envisions a nation in which every young person is assured the full range of educational, developmental, vocational, economic and social opportunities, supports, and services s/he may need to become a productive and self-sufficient worker, taxpayer, parent, and citizen.

The National Youth Employment Coalition improves the effectiveness of organizations that seek to help youth become productive citizens.

Core Business:
The National Youth Employment Coalition offers a range of projects, programs, and activities that fall into one of four areas of core business:

  • Track, craft and influence policy;
  • Set and promote quality standards;
  • Provide and support professional development; and
  • Build and increase the capacity of organizations and programs.

Core Values:
The 250+ member organizations that make up the NYEC are linked by a set of shared core values about youth, youth work, and the organizations, schools, and systems that serve youth. The NYEC's members represent a broad range of organizations, including direct service providers, public agencies, national organizations with networks of afilliates, research and policy organizations, and technical assistance providers.

Our core values reflect a collective belief in access, opportunity, equity, and quality. These values recognize youth as resources, the significance of the youth work field, and the critical importance of work as a development tool:

  • We believe in the integrity, abilities, and the potential of our nation's youth and that all work has value that can assist youth in their development.
  • We believe in the youth we guide and serve, enabling them to become leaders and learners who are instrumental in their own development. We believe that young people are entitled to respect and adult advocacy on their behalf.
  • We believe that all youth-serving programs and institutions must consciously and continuously work to open doors to opportunity and access, preparing youth to confront and to overcome the persistent barrier of institutional racism.
  • We believe in building communities of learning and effective practice among youth, between youth and adults, and among various professional fields.
  • We believe that policy informed by proven practice is instrumental for ongoing innovation and change.

For more information about NYEC's vision and goals, view the NYEC Organizational Framework.

About NYEC