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NYEC offers a range of projects, programs, and activities that fall into one of four areas of core business: 

  • Set and Promote Quality Standards
    NYEC sets standards of effective practice that reflect a blending of the principles, standards, and practices that have emerged from three fields of practice: youth development, workforce development, and education. These standards are grounded in both the latest research and exemplary practice, and are widely accepted and adopted. NYEC promotes standards of effective practice by sharing them with youth-serving systems, agencies, organizations, and programs across the nation.
  • Build and Increase Organizational Capacity
    NYEC builds and increases the capacity of youth serving organizations, programs, and systems. NYEC develops, identifies, distills, and creates accessible tools, resources, information, and research to communicate proven strategies that are responsive to the needs of youth serving organizations, practitioners, and the youth they serve. NYEC also convenes youth work professionals to share and to learn about effective practices and to network with colleagues from across the nation.
  • Provide and Support Professional Development
    NYEC promotes and informs the development of the youth work profession and provides professional development opportunities for emerging leaders in the fields of youth development, workforce development, and education.
  • Track, Craft, and Influence Policy
    NYEC tracks youth policy to inform its members about current developments, emerging issues, and the implications for their work. NYEC works closely with policymakers to craft legislation and policies informed by practice. NYEC influences policy and legislation by mobilizing its grassroots membership and through direct advocacy. Click here to learn about NYEC's policy efforts.

NYEC Blends Three Fields of Practice:  Youth Development, Workforce Development, and Education.

Click here to read the NYEC Organizational Framework (September 2004).

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