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"Barriers and Promising Approaches to Workforce and Youth Development for Young Offenders"

Youthful Offender Toolkit


In April 2002, a report was released by the Annie E Casey Foundation in collaboration with the National Youth Employment Coalition, the Youth Development and Research Fund, and the Justice Policy Institute, profiling break-the-mold juvenile justice initiatives that are reducing crime and making communities safer by facilitating youths' economic self-sufficiency.  Based on these workforce development successes, Barriers and Promising Approaches to Workforce and Youth Development for Young Offenders, concludes that greater victories against adolescent crime are within reach through workforce development programs that help youth prepare for a lifetime of meaningful employment. 


"If young people have been effectively prepared for life and careers, and are productively engaged in employment or educational activities, they're less likely to commit delinquent acts and more likely to be productive members of society," said David E. Brown, Executive Director of The National Youth Employment Coalition and co-author of the report.

This toolkit contains three separate reports: an overview, program profiles, and policy profiles. It was created to address three objectives: identify barriers to success in juvenile justice -- both for the system and for the young people in it; survey innovative state and local policy initiatives; and showcase exemplary employment and development programs for court-involved youth.