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From Data to Results: The PEPNet Guide to Measuring and Improving Performance in Youth Programs

This guide addresses the elements of measuring results, step by step, and explains how to use the collected data to improve performance. It defines technical terms and concepts, explains calculations, provides specific suggestions about what to measure and how, and includes simple exercises to help understand the materials. And it goes beyond collecting and documenting results, exploring how to analyze results, how to communicate them and how to use youth results and other program data to improve program operations.

NYEC EDNet: Second Edition

NYEC EDNet is a tool for continuous improvement for education programs and schools serving vulnerable youth. NYEC EDNet consists of detailed criteria identified as common to effective education programs and schools by a national working group of educators, practitioners, policymakers and researchers; and a comprehensive self-assessment that can assist education programs and schools improve their services and also inform policymakers, funders and the public about what works for youth. 

PEPNet Guide to Quality Standards for Youth Programs
A research- and practice-based guide to improving the quality of programs linking youth to employment and education for a successful transition to adulthood.
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