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NYEC Letter Commenting on First Senate WIA Discussion Draft - July 2003
NYEC's letter commenting on the first WIA reauthorization discussion draft. 7/29/2003
Thank You Letter to Sen. Murray Regarding Restoring WIA Funding - July 2003
NYEC's thank you letter to Sen. Murray regarding efforts to restoring WIA funding. 07/15/2003
NYEC Sign-on letter regarding WIA reauthorization - July 2003
NYEC's national sign-on letter regarding WIA reauthorization. 07/14/2003
NYEC Letter on Labor, HHS, and Education Appropriations - June 2003
NYEC's letter on Labor, HHS, and Education appropriations. 06/24/2003
Sign-on letter on transitional jobs in TANF reauthorization - April 2003
National sign-on letter regarding transitional jobs and business links in TANF reauthorization. 04/28/2003
NYEC Thank you letter to Sen. Cantwell regarding WIA funding in the budget - April 2003
NYEC's thank you letter to Sen. Cantwell regarding efforts to restore funding for WIA in the budget. 04/23/2003
NYEC Letter on House WIA Reauthorization Bill - March 2003
NYEC's letter regarding the House WIA reauthorization bill. 03/18/2003
Negotiating Performance Measures Web Page (USDOL/ETA)
USDOL's Web Page on Negotiating Performance Measures
WIA Position Statement (Clarified) - Feb. 2003
NYEC's WIA position statement clarified after the Administration's proposal. 02/13/2003
NYEC Letter to White House Task Force on Disadvantaged Youth - Jan. 2003
NYEC's letter comments to the White House Task Force on Disadvantaged Youth. 01/31/2003
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