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Stronger Schools, Stronger Cities (2004)
A 30-month Municipal Leadership in Education (MLE) project was launched in June 2001 with financial support from Carnegie Corporation of New York. The MLE project set out to support and assist local communities and to illustrate the leadership roles that mayors and council members can play  and are playing  to promote and support school improvement. The project also sought to identify promising practices in municipal leadership and school improvement, while developing a range of tools and resources for mayors and council members who are interested in strengthening K-12 education.
Comments on House/Senate WIA Conference Issues - Dec. 2003
NYEC's comments to House and Senate WIA reauthorization conferees 12/05/2003
Sign-on letter regarding trying youth as adults - Nov. 2003
National sign-on letter opposting legislation allowing younger youth being tried as adults 11/14/2003
Letter on Labor, HHS, and Education Appropriations - Nov. 2003
NYEC's letter to House/Senate Conferees on Labor, HHS and Education appropriations. 11/05/03
Tips on Conducting Hill Visits
  • Be prepared
  • Be mindful of time
  • Be memorable
  • Be appreciative
  • Be engaging
  • Follow up
  • Be a resource
Comments on Third Senate WIA discussion draft - Sept. 2003
NYEC's comments on the Senate's third discussion draft for WIA reauthorization legislation. 09/09/03
NCWD: Info Brief
Serving Youth with Disabilities Under the Workforce Investment Act of 1998: The Basics (9/03)
NYEC Guide for Scheduling and Conducting Meetings with Your Members of Congress

This guide covers the basics of scheduling and conducting meetings with Members of Congress for professionals in workforce development, youth development, and education.

NYEC Letter commenting on Second Senate WIA Discussion Draft - Aug. 2003
NYEC's letter commenting on the second WIA reauthorization discussion draft. 8/19/2003
Letter on Appropriations for Juvenile Justice Programs - August 2003
Sign-on letter regarding appropriaitons for juvenile justice programs. 08/14/2003
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